Our Organization is making a difference

Updated: May 3

In November 2020, the Laurens County Cancer Association held it's 11th annual 5K Run/Walk "Run Like a Mann" event. The year 2020 was a challenge for everyone, and the Cancer Association is no different. We are very thankful for everyone who participated in our virtual Run and very thankful to all the sponsors of the event. Local support is invaluable as we try to raise funds to continue our mission of helping Laurens County citizens who are battling cancer.

You can also make a difference in our community by encouraging everyone you know to keep those checkup appointments with your doctor. Your annual wellness checkups and suggested diagnostic reviews can save your life or the life of someone you love. Ladies, get your mammograms; Men, have your PSA checked annually; Everyone 50 or older, schedule that colonoscopy; Wear sunscreen when being exposed to extended periods of sunlight; Don't smoke and if you do, give it up!

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